Sunday, October 22, 2006

Memory jolt

I got my blogging idea from Sue today. I was reading her Sunday Blessings here and she talked about a clock from her Grandparents home that really jolted my memory.I got this mantle clock when Grandma passed away. She had discussed with all 10 grandchildren what we wanted of hers and Grandpas.

It wasn't always in her house like some of these cups and saucers but was given to her by a friends son when her friend and neighbor passed away. She gave me these several years earlier because I remembered them from my childhood.

I have a memory of the clock in my early twenties when I visited her and Grandpa in Florida and my later years after she came back home to live several years after Grandpa died. When I first got the clock, the every 15 minute chime would wake me but even that was a good feeling. I would just take a second to think about how lucky I was to have had great grandparents for such a large part of my life.(Grandma lived to 94 and lived alone in a seniors appartment almost to the end!) If you read my "memories " post in Sept. you know that my father died very young. My Grandpa was my dad and grandfather and because of that I was closer to him than Grandma as a child. Such good memories! I don't even hear the chimes all the time now, I'm so used to it, but when I do it always reminds me of my Grandma and Grandpa.


Susie said...

This was a lovely post! I so enjoyed reading this and also your Sept memories post! Thanks so much for the link...

Laurie and Chris said...

Mom ~ This is a really neat post. I have always loved the sound of the clock. It's nice to have something like that, that reminds you of somebody special in your life.