Saturday, October 21, 2006

Home is Where the Heart is

As I was clearing off my deck, readying for winter, I remember something that happened this spring. I was eating lunch on the deck when a robin in the maple tree next to the deck started making all kinds of noise. I looked around the deck because birds had built nests there before but I didn't see anything. The bird kept chirping and I kept looking but still saw nothing. My daughter stopped in and sat across the table from me. All at once she got a strange look on her face and then she started laughing.

I had gotten tired of this dried heart shaped wreath in the house so decided to use it outside. Because my deck has a roof I had left it up all winter. You guessed it! The bird had made a nest on top of the wreath! There were no eggs yet so I removed the nest.(it became part of my deck decor) I have seen what a mess baby birds can make plus I did want to enjoy my deck. Needless to say when I cleared the deck today the wreath was put away for the winter. It will come back out after the nesting season next year!

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Sue said...

That was a cute story. We've had birds make nests in some pretty unusual places too!