Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween decor

I don't do Halloween decorating in the house anymore but I do put a small amount in the shop. There isn't room for much. These are all things I've made over the years.
(click on Picture to enlarge)
The top three items are always up. I had the heart made after I saw a similar one in a craft magazine. I have different bows and figures for the holidays. The girl has different outfits for each season.Her headband, shoes,outfit and item in her hand all change. Everything is made of wood and attached with velcro. The last one is a sign board with a different heart for most seasons and holidays. I'm not into the cutesy country stuff anymore but it's ok for the shop. The little ones enjoy them every year.


savvycityfarmer said...

I adore the heart shaped pumpkin...I don't decorate either...but I LOVE fall and all the othe decor.

Susie said...

How clever that you can change this for each season and/or holiday!
Very cute...