Friday, October 27, 2006

Enjoy the day!

I just had to post these pics from our picnic on Colombus Day. I needed to see the beautiful blue sky and sunshine. I get very stressed this time of year because of all there is to get done before winter ( I do it in spring too). I am a planner and there is no time in MY schedule for nasty weather! The trouble is I get so caught up with my schedule being messed up that I forget to just enjoy!

I realized a couple years ago that I was spending so much time looking for weeds in my gardens that I wasn't even seeing the flowers! Everyone was enjoying my gardens but me. I vowed that I would change my ways and start seeing what others saw. Well.....I need to do that now too. I need to think in a new way. If I can't go out and get things done, I need to grab a book (or check out some new blogs) like I do in the winter when we have a storm and all my customers cancel. From now on I will try harder to enjoy the day and not get stressed over the schedule.


Sue said...

It is important to enjoy the moment.
Those pictures are truly beautiful!

Tammy said...

Great pictures! I love them!