Monday, October 30, 2006


Week 16/ A Year of Color


I bought this outfit a few weeks ago. Couldn't resist. The pants are black velvet and there is a pocket on the side with candy corn spilling out.

We had a real good day today. The weather was gorgeous! Sunny and in the 60's. Jerzie sat in her stroller and watched me work in the garden. She didn't last long but she got a short nap before Aunt L came to see her and brought her inside.

Jerzie was 3 months on the 20th (to answer Sue) and this week her new thing is to scream and then laugh. It is so funny! Sometimes you think she's upset but she's just having fun.Can't wait to see what she does next week!


Susie said...

Makes me want to reach right through the screen and cuddle her. She's just so sweet!
She's makes the cutest treat for Halloween!

savvycityfarmer said...

Being a gramma... the BEST