Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

We are back to our summer weather again! Sunny and in the 80's. and again hoping for rain.
The azalea in the front of the house is really putting on a show this year.
 I have lilies-of-the-valley and goutweed planted under the azalea.  My Grandma had these planted by her back door. There is a lovely scent in the whole front of the house.
There are pink lilies-of-the-valley under the holly bush next to the azalea. I love them but they don't smell like the white.
I only have one Allium blooming so far this year.  I think it's too hot and dry.  You can see the leaves turning brown.
There  is only one bloom on my peony tree this year.
 It is definitely a beautiful bloom!
The shade garden is coming alive. There aren't a lot of blooms but the colors and textures make up for that. The creeping foam flower is blooming.
I had to show you the bitterroot this week.  It's less than 6 inches across and look at those blooms!
I'm looking forward to seeing what's bloomin' where you are planted so add your  name and permalink to Mr Linky . Please remember to add a link to this post on your blog so your followers and enjoy and/or join the tour.


daisy g said...

That last bloom is anything but bitter! You have lots of color after a rough winter. I'll add my post tomorrow. Thanks for one of my favorite hops.

Deb said...

Love your peony tree, Jean. And your azalea and lilies of the valley look great and colorful together. Don't think I've ever seen bitterroot--it's a pretty flower. Thanks for hosting.

Suzanne said...

As always your blooms are gorgeous. I'm just happy to have warmer weather after a very late spring arrival!

Elin said...

Lovly flowers and beautiful bitterroot.

Jannibele said...

Lovely springflowers blooming in your garden. Thanks for hosting:)First time I attend your meme, but surtenly not the last:) Have a wonderful week.

Amy F said...

Love shade gardens - all your plants are lovely!

Beth said...

Hi Jean, The bitterroot is beautiful. I'd never heard of it but need to investigate incorporating it into my garden. Love your azalea and tiarella too. Hope you get rain soon.
xo Beth

Anonymous said...

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