Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday

I'm going to start this week with a pet peeve of mine.  I started Bloomin' Tuesday to share garden photos with every day trial and error gardeners like me.  I have enjoyed doing this for several years. It seems the new trend for a couple years is to see how many followers we can get.  Personally, I don't care!  I don't enjoy being a vehicle for those bloggers that are using Bloomin' Tuesday for that purpose. I get very irritated when I go to a blog that does one post a week and has a list of parties they are involved in for the week.  I ask that you put a link to my blog just so your followers can enjoy and possibly join our tour. I used to comment on every post I went to, now I comment on those that leave me a comment.  I'm sorry if some of you are offended but it is my blog and I can do as I wish.  I'm also sorry I found it necessary to post this on Tuesday but I know that most of the guilty ones are only here on Bloomin' Tuesday.
 Today we are in the front of my house. This narrow garden is to the left of my driveway.The flowering Burgundy Glo is right at the edge of my line.  Payton and Jerzie gave me the 2 blooming dianthus for Mother's Day.  They were perfect because some of the ones I had here have given up after several years.
 I put this garden along the front right sidewalk in last year.  I put in the edging and mulched this year.  I found the iron porch railing at a household sale for 15 dollars and I have a lightening rods at each end.
 This garden is to the right of the driveway.(I should have shown this one before the last one).  I cemented the rustic ladder (another household sale find) in place and planted a Clematis to grow on it.  The purple patch is creeping phlox.
 I love this Bitterroot, Lewisia x cotyledon but I planted 6 and only 2 survived.
 This is a low growing geranium but I'm not sure of the name.
These are all in this garden area.  You can see way in the back where I ran out of mulch. 
 Lilies-of-the-Valley that I talked about last week, under the front bushes.
 I planted Gout Weed with it because that's what my Gramma had by the back door.  If you enlarge the picture you can see that there are white and pink blooms.
 A few other plants that are blooming out back are wild Columbine,
 the same Clematis as last week but more blooms,
 a spring favorite, Solomon Seal,
and Candy Cane Creeping Phlox.
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Happy Gardening!
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Kathe said...

I appreciate you taking the time to host this party each week Jean! Have a beautiful evening!

Diana LaMarre said...

You are brave, Jean! LOL. You know that I totally agree with you. I really shake my head over the "big" linky people, who don't even put up their own post to their own linky party. They are the same people who have advertising that now follows you all the way down the page...actually moves along as you go down.

Your sidewalk garden is looking great.

What a good idea to cement the wooden ladder.

Rosemary said...

Jean I appreciate the opportunity to post what is happening in my garden and share what is new...... look forward to seeing what other gardeners are doing.
I had to step back from blogging daily found it too stressful.. now I post when I think I have something to share...... and you are right it is your blog not a popularity contest.
Love your choices and accents in your front garden. I too once planted goutweed but oh it loved my garden too much and tried to take over..... The lewisia is gorgeous... Have a great week..

daisy g said...

Your garden has certainly come alive in the past few weeks! I love that you planted what your Grammy had by her back door. What a wonderful tradition to keep up.
Blessings to you today, Jean.

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

The geranium is a Cranesbill Geranium. I have several of them with light pink flowers and dark pink flowers. They're one of my favorite border plants.

The gout weed looks similar to something we have here, though our weed is not variegated. Does it send runners underground and has a spray of white flowers?

Unknown said...

You always have the cutest arrangements Jean. I remember when you bought the iron fence and posted about the lighting rods. I so hope I have not offended you in any know I adore Bloomin' Tuesday and have been trying to post on Tuesday since the beginning...I don't like commenting on someone's page, let's say, for months on end and the never return the visit. Doesn't stop me from reading the blog, just commenting. AND now that I am back to blogger, it will not let me post on Wordpress blogs.

Unknown said...

Hmm. I think you should delete the links that are disrespecting your rules.......that's what some of the meme's do that I participate in...

Deb said...

Hi Jean, I've been planting annuals this week and slaving away weeding and mulching everything so the pictures will look decent for Bloomin' Tuesday another time! I always appreciate your willingness to host each week and enjoy seeing your gardens.

The geranium you pictured looks just like one I have. I see another commenter called it Cranesbill. The tag on mine called it True Geranium. Maybe they're one and the same.