Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

The snow left us in a couple days last week but we have still had cool sunny days and frosty nights.  There is still some bloomin' goinin' on in my garden.

 I planted Myrtle around the huge maple trees out front and it's gotten nice and full.  It will bloom most of the summer.
I added the garden on the left side of my yard 2 years ago but did lots of adding last year.  The Creeping Phlox was  blooming when the snow came and just kept on after it left
I like this combo of the purple grape hycinth and the orange tulips.  Never ever thought about it when I planted the tulips.

I have pretty blue forget-me-knot volunteers in every garden.  They add a lot of color in the spring and after blooming I just pull them out.  These are in the gravel pathway to the back of the house.

 There is not much left of the shoes but the Hens and Chicks don't seem to mind. I don't want to disturb them so I quess I'll leave them for now until I find somewhere better for them to live.
That's what my garden is looking like this last day of April in Western New York.  I'd love to see what's going on in yours!  Add your name, state and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this page on your post and I'll be around to see you!


Unknown said...

It's been too hot here. You are going to have a nice patch of hens and chicks!

Beth said...

Hi Jean, I like the hen and chicks in the shoe, and they seem to like it there as well. Your orange tulips and your grape hyacinths look great together! Thanks for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday, Jean.
Blessings, Beth

daisy g said...

Love the purple and orange together too! How lovely that you have brick streets in your neighborhood! Your oaks must look very regal!

Becky Elmuccio said...

Love your hens and chicks! They are on my list of plants to include when we put some beds against a new fence this summer.

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Blue and orange is a fav color combo of mine! How nice that they bloomed at the same time!

Becca's Dirt said...

Love the hens and chicks in the shoe. Love the mound of phlox too. Love the way the myrtle fills in around the tree.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Love that bright blue and orange together--a happy coincidence! And the hens and chicks are so pretty--whenever I see sedums in a garden, they draw me in and I have to stop and look at their interesting colors and patterns.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Jean,

Your bulbs look gorgeous! I love the purple hyacinths with the orange tulips. Your forget-me-nots are doing well too. Thank you for hosting our party.

Suffia said...

Your garden looks great and soon they will be more pretty blooms to enjoy. We are at the beginning of summer and the temperature is at already around 100 degree F.