Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

I'd like to thank all of you that are joining our garden tour. I love seeing all your blooms and garden art!

We are still hurting for rain in Western New York. This first shot is of some astilbe and my blue hydrangea in the darkest corner of my shade garden. Even tho I've watered almost every day these plants are shriveling up. We are supposed to get rain today but none so far.

A close up of the 'Twinkle Pixie' Phlox from last week.
The middle garden is busy with bloomin' cone flowers. There is always lots of bee activity around these blooms.
The heat doesn't seem to bother the perennial Sweet Peas that climb up the lattice and around the window frame on the side of the walkway.
The peachy day lilies have also decided to show off this week.

I finally got to dead head the lily border while the girls were outside playing. I don't go out much in the heat and humidity we've been having.

The trumpet vine is full of buds and blooms. I saw some humming bird zooming around the yard today. I'm trying to show them to the girls but they are just too fast and the girls don't really know what they are looking for.
There bright orange blooms on the deck should attract their attention

Another view of the middle garden with the 'Candy Stripe' Phlox in the front.

The heads of these phlox are huge this year but they aren't standing up very well.
That's it for my heat hardy plants this week. If you'd like to join our garden tour, add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and put a link to this post on your blog. Then sit back with a cold drink and take a tour of gardens from all over the country!

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Racquel said...

Hope you get some rain soon Jean and I hope we do too. I love that Phlox with the candy stripes, very pretty. :)

Suzanne said...

Your garden always looks beautiful, but I do hope you get some rain soon. My favorite this week -- the trumpet vine. Just beautiful. Love that color orange and the foliage is beautiful!

~~Rhonda said...

Jean, your garden looks beautiful. The lack of rain is hard to tell in the pictures, but I know it's painful in reality. We have been blessed with a lot of rain this year and the garden has surpassed itself in a lot of way. Especially the weeds! They grow with wild abandon! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! ~~Rhonda :)

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Jean, I am never disappointed visiting your garden. I have to say, your garden looks beautiful, doesn't look like you need rain, but I do hope it comes soon for you!
Its good to join you this Bloomin' Tuesday,
Hugs, Ann

daisy g said...

Just love those coneflowers! Praying for rain!!!

Diana LaMarre said...

We got some rain yesterday. I hope it made its way to your house by now.

I love the trumpet vine. I would expect the hummers to love it, too.

Rosemary said...

We are sweltering here too , no rain , watering holds plants from dying but garden is not as showy as other years....your garden is looking fantastic and the daylilies look so healthy ....

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Jean,
I enjoyed your tour. I would feel right at home in your garden. I love all your blooms and yard art! My post this week shows more individual plants instead of the wider views I've been doing.

It's hot here, too. Whew!

Roan said...

Another enjoyable garden tour. I just discovered Trumpet Vines were actually flowers people planted. I've always thought they were weeds since I always see them along the road out in the country. They are beautiful, as are the rest of your flowers.

Darla said...

Love that phlox a lot! Hope you do get some rain. I'm not participating this week. I have the ho hums....concerned about my son and the recent loss of his girlfriend.

Mary-Frances said...

I do love visiting your garden Jean. The daylilies are very striking. Still waiting for mine to bloom. Fingers crossed you get some rain today.

Dorothy-Life With Boys said...

Hope you get some rain soon! Honestly, though, your flowers aren't suffering from lack of water--they are gorgeous!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Jean! As always, your gardens look fantastic despite the dry heat. We've been sweltering here in Delaware was well. I just LOVE the window pain with the garden hose "wreath"! I think I have a section of cut hose out in the shed I use for protecting new trees when I plant and stake them. I may be copying your super-cute idea ;o) Hope you don't mind.

I see your trumpet vine is thriving as well. I think mine would take over our two acres of property if I let it!

Thanks again for hosting and providing continued inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're still way behind on our rainfall too. Let's hope we both get more soon! Your rudbekia is so pretty! Thanks for hosting!

Anne said...

What a pretty blog you have! Thank you for hosting!!

Have a great week.

Becca's Dirt said...

I'm lovin all of your phlox. The window and the vines look nice together. Hope you're having a good day.

Unknown said...

Your blooms are wonderful! I love the pretty pink and white phlox. We are having a hot dry spell here too! Thanks for hosting!