Sunday, March 06, 2011

I've Never Seen One...

I remember hearing about dance programs where men signed up to dance with the ladies for certain dances but have never seen one. I was sooo excited when I found 3 at a household sale!
All 3 are from the Jamestown area and are in the 1800s('99,'96,'93).

They are in awesome condition and one still has the pencil attached that came with it.

The dances are all put on by the Knights of Pythias This one was on Thanksgiving night.

The first column is the type of dance and the second, the name of the song being played, with room in between for the men's names.
Most names seem to be written by the gentleman.

The back of each one had the committee members that helped at the dance listed.
Have you seen one of these before?
These will be listed in my Etsy Shop soon.


Becca's Dirt said...

I've never seen one but have only read of them in old fiction novels. I had no idea they actually existed. How neat is that. I can visualize the lady in her ballgown standing between songs waiting for the gentlemen to take her to the dance floor. Have a good day.

Karen said...

I have never seen one either, but as Becca said, I've read about them in old novels, too. I wonder if every lady had a full dance card? What about the 'wallflowers'? The ones you have look as if they were very popular.