Sunday, February 27, 2011

Motivation Needed!!

I have not been a very good blogger this winter. At this point I need a little motivation. I started to get excited last week when I actually saw some grass and the snow piles went down a bit.
Then came Monday morning along with 10 to 12 more inches of snow! Thursday ushered in another 10 inches! The picture below shows how deep the snow is on the side of the house. I have to lift the shovel over the railing to dump it.
Out front.

The end of my driveway
and the front yard.
Yes,I have shoveled every flake!
It's supposed to get to 50 tomorrow but I don't expect to see grass again yet.
Help! I need spring and Bloomin' Tuesday to get me blogging!


Lona said...

Wow, I know you must be sick of looking at all that white stuff. You are really socked in with all that you got this week.We have been lucky so far in my area of the state but others up north have gotten what you have.It is hard to find something to blog about in the winter.I have nothing. LOL! Hang in there Jean we are one week closer to Spring.

Anonymous said...

We've seen only a few patches of grass in our yard since the beginning of December. I'll be happy when the snow goes!

Carol said...

we haven't had as much snow as you this winter but way above our yearly average. I can't wait until it's actually over with too! Dreaming of sun on my face and dirt under my fingernails!!!!!!

Dawn said...

We will appreciate the spring so much more this year, yes?

shannon i olson said...

We never get snow followed by 50! Our weather man said it looks to be below normal well into March. I am not likin' him much this week. at least the days are getting longer.

Suzanne said...

Wow -- so much snow! Hope it warms up soon!