Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Project

I went to a lot of sales this past summer and fall that I didn't talk about because I was buying items for a special Christmas project. I use boxes and drawers filled with stuff in my decorating and I decided to make them for my family. I picked up any small item I might be able to use. I was also looking for 'boxes'. I found some in basements full of screws and stuff but I would ask to buy just the box. I used batting to cover the filler.
This 'box' is a Kennedy Biscuit tin with a lid. I stood the lid in the back and secured it. I filled this angel one for my daughter and son-in-law. There are a couple special angels in here. In the lower left corner (click the pic to enlarge) is an angel made by my mother. The ceramic one in the front middle is one I had as a child.
The Christmas tree one was for my son and his family. The tree is cardboard and some sort of display piece. I put in a couple toy soldiers because my son almost always picked one as his yearly ornament. The doll bed in the middle is for his girls. There is a key stuck in back that said Smith's on it so I had to add it. This box is quite deep, army green metal with a handle on each side. I have no idea what it was used for. I filled the bottoms with plastic bags topped with shredded paper bag filler. I put a piece of material over it to act as a rug.
These were really fun to make. I also had a lot of fun searching for items to use. I made 7 in all so come back tomorrow for more!


~~Rhonda said...

Jean, those are beautiful! I am eager to see what else you made with your findings! ~~Rhonda :)

Balisha said...

Jean...What a neat idea.You were thinking way ahead...good job.Balisha

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