Saturday, December 04, 2010

A New Experience

It was the perfect wintry night for a parade. Huge snow flakes were drifting down and even tho the temp was under 30, it was comfortable.
Tabatha and I took the girls downtown during the parade but our main mission was to check out the new children's museum.

It was going to be open for the first time during the hours of the parade.

I am very excited about having this in our community although I'd never been to one before.

There was something for all ages. The first items we saw were a piano and a beautiful xylophone. After trying the instruments, I drew around the girls bodies on huge sheets of paper on the wall. Payton loved the shoes on the magnetic doll wall.

Of course, Jerzie wanted to sit at the old fashion desks and color.

Both girls enjoyed this table with a train, buses, an ambulance and
all the trees, signs and people that go with them.
The xray room was my favorite. Jerzie is trying to take pictures of Payton.

They had actual xrays of head, hands, etc. They even had hospital gowns!

The museum isn't quite completed yet but I'm excited to spend time with the girls there. Looks like a great way to spend a snowy day. They only ask for a dollar donation, if you have it. The only stipulation is, no adults are allowed without a child.


Darla said...

What a great place! The girls are growing so fast.

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to have in the community! I liked your pictures of the parade too.

Rosemary said...

Looks like a terrific evening was had by all.

Mary-Frances said...

What fun for all of you!