Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just stuff!

I had to share this picture of a great Christmas gift for that hunting hubby! This is about how I feel but I have a foot instead of a door bell.
I haven't posted because I can't get my pictures off my camera. I can't figure out why. That's just one more problem in a bad couple weeks. I was diagnosed with a heel spur and it is very painful. The best cure is to stay off my feet, like that's possible!
We have had another foot and a half of snow! 50+ inches in Dec already! Yesterday morning I went out to shovel and discovered someone had stolen my snow blower!
I finally started wrapping 150 gifts. All the large ones are done so tonight I'll work on the stocking stuffers.
The lake effect snow has finally stopped. Today will be a better day!

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Laurie and Chris said...

I hope this isn't under your tree for my hunter!! LOL!!!