Wednesday, October 06, 2010


For over 30 years my cousins and my family have gone to Allegheny State Park on Columbus Day for a picnic. We always went, rain or shine, or even sometimes snow! We would bring tons of food and kids friends. We built a huge fire in a pavilion fireplace to keep us and the food warm but it also dried clothes that some how got wet in the creek.

A lot of my cousin's kids moved away but my kids kept coming as adults.
A few years ago we decided to stay for the weekend, something we had talked about for years.

The first year we rented 1 cabin for 5 adults, a baby and a rottweiler. The next year we got 2 cabins!

Because of the cold and the girls we now get cabins with electricity. We are leaving on Friday.

We always walk the creek on Columbus Day and have our picnic at the same pavilion.

This pic is Jerzie with Uncle Chris and Daddy.
We look forward to this weekend all year. So many of our family traditions have had to end but we intend to keep this one going for ever!
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Anonymous said...

Have a great time in ASP. Don't break anything this year!

Dan@retrooregon said...

That area looks georgeous. What a fun place for a get away and a great tradition!

shannon i olson said...

What a beautiful place to stay.. what wonderful memories you are creating too. I bet it is hard to leave there. Your photographs make it come alive.. thank you so much for linking!!

Darla said...

I believe I remember you posting about this last year. Can't wait to hear about this years trip. So, so many family traditions have gone by the wayside. Keep 'em going for those babies..

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What a wonderful tradition! It sounds like so much fun. Those little cabins look so cute. I'm glad that you and your family are continuing the tradition. laurie

agreenearth said...

What a special place.

Rosemary said...

What a lovely spot and a great tradition.