Friday, October 08, 2010

October's Party!

October gave a party;The leaves by hundreds came
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,Professor Wind the band.~
George Cooper

We're off on our fall camping trip! See you on Bloomin' Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we will take a ride through ASP this weekend.

Darla said...

Cute poem. Have fun!!

Becca's Dirt said...

Lovely poem. Have a good time.

maggiegracecreates said...

You have blogged my favorite poem.

have a great trip.

W. Latane Barton said...

What a glorious Fall post, full of fall colors and words to tell the tale.

Karen said...

Loved the poem, hope you have a great time!

Rosemary said...

Lovely pics.