Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Today I'm going to show you another garden from the Secret Garden Tour in June. This garden uses pieces similar to the 'garden art' I like in my gardens. I liked several ideas but this was a small lot, on a busy street, completely covered with plants and 'old stuff'. I guess I prefer some grass in my yard and a little less stuff. She also had tropical plants mixed with the others, although I photographed more stuff than plants.
The tall white fence is across the front of the lot but there were planting in front of the fence on both sides of the sidewalk, to the road. The front porch entrance has been closed off so this is actually the front entrance to the house.

We entered thru what would have been the driveway. There was a small pond with a bridge in front of the garage.

There was no roof or back to the garage and it was set up like a potting shed.

This is the back of the garage with the steps leading to more garden.

I thought the coat tree full of watering cans was a cute idea.

This sled was leaning on the side of the garage. The sign says "Let it Snow". Snow's the last thing I want in my garden!

This stone wall is on the back and the garage side of the property.

The grey building is the neighbors garage on the side opposite their garage.

I liked this old post planted among the flowers.

I also like this stone fireplace located behind the garage.

I think these 3 chairs were my favorite. I liked the whole grouping including the window frame and the porch post. Does this garden inspire you or make you think of a junk yard? I know this kind of junk isn't to every ones liking.
I'd like to see what kind of garden you enjoy. To join our tour, add your name state and permalink to Mr Linky. Please add a link to this post on your post.
Enjoy the tour!


Anonymous said...

The garden appears cluttered to me, although I do like the three chairs with the window behind them. The fireplace is nice too.

teresa said...

Plenty of stuff to look at. I especially like the metal chairs here and there. one of my favorite things in my yard but we use ours to sit in not just look at. She does have some great ideas though. thanks for the tour.

Cyndy said...

Some of those pictures were great uses of old stuff, but it's always easy to cross the line into magpie territory. I do like bits and bobs of old things in the garden, but I agree a bit of grass might have lightened the scene...

Mary-Frances said...

Thanks for the tour Jean, there are some lovely areas in the garden. I especially like the fireplace.

Karen said...

Jean, thank you for this photo tour. Now that is a serious gardener, not even a driveway? But if I lived on a small city lot I cannot imagine where I would draw the line at what would and wouldn't fit in my garden. I'd probably have plants (and rocks, of course) on the roof! I bet the garden has a much larger 'feel' than it really is, I admire the gardener's ability to create a haven set apart from the hustle & bustle world, a private retreat in an urban setting.

Rosemary said...

Jean; Interesting items used in this garden, does open ones mind to look at things differently.

Darla said...

I liked all of the art....maybe I would arrange is differently, but I like it. Not linking today because I posted a few more wedding photos.

Diana LaMarre said...

Well, I think it's pretty inspiring, although a garage with no roof sounds a little weird!