Sunday, January 17, 2010

Open Doors!

Yesterday was Open Doors to Jamestown. We could visit the Audubon, The Fenton Museum, the Roger Torey Peterson Center , the Jackson Center the Lucy Desi Museum or skate at the Ice Arena for free. We decided Jerzie would like to show Mommy and Daddy the Audubon since she has only been with me.It was a perfect day! First we visited Liberty, the eagle that is unable to fly long distances so stays at the center.

We did a bird puzzle,
looked at tree frogs and peepers,
went fishing,
watched turtles swim
and walk.
We even got to see birds and squirrels up close while they ate.
We had a great time and Jerzie loved showing off our 'special place'!
We also went to the Lucy Museum but were not allowed to take pictures. It wasn't great for kids unless they watched Lucy reruns. If you are interested in Lucy check out the posts in my side bar for some interesting pictures and info.
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Anonymous said...

I love going to the Audubon. I haven't been there, though, in the wintertime. Liberty looks like she would be chilly with all that snow around her. The girls and their parents look like they enjoyed their day at Audubon.

Heather said...

how fun! very cute photos.

Darla said...

What a wonderful family outing!!

Paula said...

What great pictures! Love your Chirstmas pictures too.
Just wondering when you are going to start Blooming Tuesday again?
Thanks for sharing!
Paula in Idaho