Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let the decorating begin!

I've gotten everything out except my village houses, linens and pillows and
china and glassware. Looks like I'll keep busy for a few days!
Happy decorating!


Cedar ... said...

I only get out about half of what I used to. I still put up a tree and the village,... for the grandkids. I'm really cutting down on all that, too busy doing other things. I know your house always looks lovely!

Heather said...

i did mine today. ALL day, lol. but not the tree. it's up and ready to be decorated but i ran out of steam. so ella and i are going to put the ornaments on tomorrow :)

Zoey said...

Hope you are having fun decorating. I will be back to see it all finished!

vintage girl at heart said...

Can'y wait to see what you do this year!!!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!
The girls are getting so big!!!

Darla said...

You are way a head of me...I can't wait to see your decorations again this year!!

Utah Grammie said...

Wish I could get into it - somehow this year is a little bit slow for me..hopefully I'll get int he groove soon! Can't wait to see how all of yours turns out :-)