Monday, October 05, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome!Even tho I don't have too much blooming right now I still have some interesting colors and textures, especially with my ferns and hydrangea.
Japanese painted fern.
Lacecap hydrangea.
Ghost fern.

Limelight hydrangea.
I like leaving hydrangea on the bushes to dry. They seem to be prettier, plus I love them in the fall as much as the summer.
If you'd like to add your blooms to our garden tour just add your name and permalink to Mr. Linky. Any bloom pictures are welcome, whether they are blooming now or not. They don't even need to be your blooms. Please remember to add a link to this post on your blog.
Enjoy the tour!


Suzanne said...

What beautiful, muted shades on those plants and blooms. The hydrangeas are especially beautiful!

Carla said...

Hydrangeas and ferns, two of my faves!! Can't grow them in my yard, so I'll just drool over yours:)

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

I love ferns. I grew up with them being everywhere around our cabin in Northern Michigan.

Cheryl B, said...

I stopped by your blog to verify that you were still hosting your Tuesday "theme day".

In case you aren't sure why I would do that, please first go here:

and then read this one:

I see that you still are, so I shall leave you on my lists :-D
Wait - did you leave me a message saying you were discontinuing for awhile due to seasons and all? Must go check my files ... 8-/

Either way, could you let me know? pink bunnies (at) sbc global (dot) net.
Cheryl B.

Unknown said...

I love the Hydrangea blooms this time of year too- my little plant only has one left but it has a beautiful rosy pink color.

Unknown said...

I love all those ferns, they are so pretty when grouped together.