Friday, October 30, 2009


I'd like to introduce you to my new garden critter. I haven't picked a name yet but have a few ideas like Chain Saw Turtle, Choppy, Chippy... Do you have any ideas?
I saw him/her at a craft show, where I was supposed to be looking for Christmas gifts, and couldn't resist especially since it was on sale.
He's about 18 inches long and I love the details.
The shed will be his winter home but in the spring he will be added to my shade garden.
Don't you like how his foot is lifted as if he was walking?
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Darla said...

He/she is cute, I'd name it Creeper!

Heather said...

aww he's cute!

Cindy said...

What a cute turtle!

Leann said...

What a great addition to your garden. Is he wooden?



He is too cute! I would name him Mr. Greensby.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

How cute! I love his colors!! Thanks for sharing!