Friday, August 07, 2009


I had some really good luck at a household sale the other day. I found not one but two Lu-Ray green platters in great condition! They were such a good price I had to buy both. Anyone interested in trading a green for a yellow?
My favorite find was this tree topper. I remember seeing these when I was young. She is in pretty good condition and I love her! Her face is beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by!


Darla said...

You always have the best luck with your finds!!!

Anonymous said...

The angel tree topper is beautiful.
Have you ever been to N. Warren's Trash 'n Treasures Day? This year the yard sales will be on August 22.

Utah Grammie said...

Great finds! Love the colors of your platters..and yes..I remember tree toppers just like that!

Zoey said...

Beautiful platters, Jean. Of all the dishes I have, I don't have any Lu-Ray. I wish I did. Maybe some day I will come across a set at a reasonable price.

The tree topper is wonderful. I bet we will see it on your tree in a few months.