Monday, August 03, 2009

He's Back!! by Payton

My big sister Jerzie told me about a big white bear that lives in Gramma's upstairs. She read me a story she wrote about the time he snuck down the stairs to meet her and told me not to be afraid. She said he likes to wrestle but just for fun.I was playing on the floor the other day while Jerzie was taking her nap and I felt something touch my back.

I reached behind me, felt something soft, grabbed it and pulled!

I couldn't believe it! This must be the bear Jerzie told me about.

I was excited to meet him but he wasn't going to get the best of me like he did my sister. After getting a good look at him...

I flipped over on my back, getting a good hold on him.

He would be in for a big surprise when I showed him my leg moves!

I have experience wrestling with my sister and Daddy.

All I needed was a tight hold and a little leg action and he'd be mine!

He really didn't seem to be fighting me at all. He must have heard what a toughie I am. I can't wait to tell Sissy that I finally got to play with the white bear that lives upstairs at Grammas. I'm glad she told me about him or I might have been scared. We had a fun time wrestling.

Please, don't tell Gramma about this. I don't want him to get in trouble. We might need his help someday. You never know when you might need a friend!


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The Smiths said...

That is so cute...Jerzie does show her the pictures from her book all the time, until she trys to take them out of the book =)

Aiyana said...

Cute photos--adorable commentary!