Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome!Today it's all about the cone flowers. I really love them and pick one up every time I find a new color. I moved several of the colors last year and hopefully they will have a chance to spread now.
I love the 'sunset' colors. It is just beautiful and the name matches it perfectly.
I've had these for a long time and don't know the name. They are a little more purple than pink and I love the dark purple stems.
I found this 'green envy' on a clearance rack at Lowe's this year. It was pretty droopy but perked up great once I watered and planted it. I love the green tips!
This yellow bloom has a few problems
but I'm still happy with it.
I also have a few white ones. I think they are all striking no matter what the color.
These are my original cone flowers. They just keep on spreading and blooming, the blooms are huge on these.
I hope you enjoyed my cone flowers. Do you have any colors I don't have?
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Have a happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


Suzanne said...

Oh man! I didn't know cone flowers came in such a variety of colors. Those are sooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the new colors they come in too Jean. But you just can't beat the punch of color from the original purple huh? :) I have Sundown (a striking orange shade) and Harvest Moon (a deep gold tone). I'm considering a few new ones to order this fall. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday.

Aiyana said...

You have a great variety of cone flower colors. I like seeing them in the garden as you show in the last photo.

Anonymous said...

I joined "Bloomin' Tuesday" for the first time today. I am not much of a gardener at home. I very much enjoy other peoples' gardens though.

Your cone flowers are pretty, Jean.

Darla said...

I only have the old purple ones...I should expand huh?

Dawn said...

I just posted my coneflowers, too...!

I'll be calling you later this week.
Dire need of a trim.
Cute Grandma post earlier this week.
The kids are growing so fast!!!

Heather said...

My yellow coneflower looks about the same. I'm not sure the "Big Sky" series is working out all that well! Beautiful coneflowers, Jean!! My favorite is the 'Magnus'. Huge blooms!

Latane Barton said...

So beautiful. They must be a joy to grow.

Elena said...

Those are beautiful cone flowers! I bought my first one this year. It is lavendar with a brown center. I just love it!

Diana LaMarre said...

Oh, I love coneflowers, too, but I can't grow them worth a darn.

I am so envious of your 'green envy'!

Connie said...

Aren't coneflowers great? Colorful, versatile, perky...and such a great variety! Yours are beautiful - as we would all expect.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wonderful photos.