Saturday, July 18, 2009


I found a couple interesting blooms in my garden I thought you might enjoy.I guess you could call this a piggyback bee balm. I've never noticed this before, have you?
I can't wait to see what this cone flower ends up looking like. It is supposed to be the same as the other 2 in the picture. I'll keep you posted!


Latane Barton said...

we do find oddities here and there don't we. I've never seen a bee balm do that. Weird.

Darla said...

Some strange things have happened with flowers this season.

Diana LaMarre said...

That coneflower really interests me. I've never seen a bud like that!

They do have new coneflowers that are double decker bloomers like your bee balm.

I will be waiting to see the pic when the coneflower blooms.

teacupsandpoodles said...

Hi Jean,
I love your red bee balm. I have purple bee balm. The red reminds me of the flowers I've seen near our camp at crooked creek in PA. I heard them called Indian Paint Brushes and that name has alway stuck with me. Hope you are having a lovely summer and I need to take some pictures of my flowers to share!
Mary Ann