Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I want it all!

Today I thought I'd show you some shots from the wonderful old store where I found my unique window.I love the lightening rods (the white ball in the middle of the pic)and they had several. Too expensive for me tho.
Beautiful wood pieces and lots of pottery and vases.
A window frame and a cute display of potato mashers.
A lovely ornate bedroom complete with beautiful linens, shoes and hats.
All kinds of spice and kitchen product tins.
There were darling vignettes every where you looked. Almost too much to take in on one trip. I love the idea of a window 'valance' of kitchen tools.
A beautiful wicker sled. The detail was amazing!
This red child's metal chair was a favorite, rust and all!
I will definitely be going back there (If I can find it again!) It is located in a very tiny little town in Pennsylvania called Wrightsville. Totally my kind of store!


Darla said...

Now that's a store!!

vintage girl at heart said...

A vintage girl's delight!!!! Wonderful post!!!
Have a Blessed Day!

Becca's Dirt said...

Now that is my kind of store too. I love childs chair too.

Cedar said...

Golly woman,... I'm trying to get rid of things and you are going shopping for more! Wish you lived closer as i will bet you would like some of what i am going to sell.

Anonymous said...

I smiled at all the potato mashers. I still use a potato masher when I make mashed potatoes. I find it easier to use than pulling out the mixer!