Monday, July 06, 2009

A Day with 'The Sweeties'!

Payton spent most of the morning in bed because she didn't feel like sleeping last night.
Now she's down for her afternoon nap. Jerzie and I spent the morning outside. First she played in the neighbor's new sandbox. The girls are just getting to know each other. Even tho she's a year younger than Jerzie they do enjoy each other.
Then she helped me with a new project I am working on.
She's getting to be quite the little gardener. No shoes, no gloves and actually sitting in the dirt!
She's digging holes while I dig up plants. We had a great morning and Jerzie is sleeping from all the hard work she did.


Laurie and Chris said...

What happened to the little girl who didn't like to get dirty? Love the picture of her sitting right in the dirt.

Cedar ... said...

so nice that you are close by and can help take care of them. Everybody wins, right? cute photo of Jerzie in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

I wish I still had some of the agility of the young, to sit like that and dig holes in the dirt! I agree that is a cute photo of Jerzie in the dirt.