Monday, June 22, 2009


Jerzie and I worked on a project today. We are always finding treasures in the yard and on our walks so I decided she needed a treasure container.As you can see she's very serious about her art.
Aunt Laurie gave us lots of scrapbooking stuff she didn't want anymore so we used some of that on our project.
Today's treasures were half of a bird egg and some tiny pine cones. She has more treasures like feathers and larger pine cones at home.
She can keep her box on a shelf in her room.
She liked Aunt Laurie's garden stickers so much she made a picture for her Mommy and Daddy.
Little sis wanting to do what big sister is doing has already started!
Payton managed to wiggle herself close enough to get her fingers in Jerzie's book.
She watches every move her big sister makes. Luckily Jerzie doesn't mind (yet!).


Laurie and Chris said...

Jerzie~ I am so glad you are getting go use out of the scrapbook stuff I gave Grandma for you.I new Grandma would come up with something fun for you to do with the stuff. I love your treasure container.You did a great job decorating it.
Love, Aunt Laurie

Susan said...

How Precious! What fun- I wish I was young again....or had a few grandkids!