Monday, June 01, 2009

Just Jerzie

I decided it was time for some just Jerzie and Gramma time this week. She came and spent the night and we went on a little adventure this morning. We went to our local Audubon Sanctuary and went on some of the trails. Jerzie loves nature and was excited to get started. The first thing we saw was a pond with a family of geese.
Believe it or not Jerzie took these first 2 pictures with an old, very cheap digital camera that is hers when she is here. If you look really hard you can see that she did get a picture of the geese.
I took the next 2. I love the family all in a row.

Here is Jerzie taking a picture of one of the frogs we heard. She was certain she got several pictures of them.
This is the one shot that came out. We did hear several frogs but weren't lucky enough to actually see any.
Checking for tracks.
Her picture of the tracks. She did point out some turtle and fish tracks on the trail later.
We had a great morning and plan to go back soon. We stayed for a couple hours and Jerzie was still going strong. It is so enjoyable with a child that enjoys every little thing and doesn't whine at all. Next time we will go into the building to see the animals they have.
We picked up Payton on out way home and the girls were very happy to see each other.


Darla said...

What a great morning for you two. Not only are you teaching her to garden, craft, love she's becoming quite the photographer!!

The Smiths said...

How cute! I am so happy she loved it...all she kept talking about yesterday was whether or not you guys were going to pick Payton up from daycare, ha ha ha. At least she loves her sissy...for now =)

Wendy said...

What a fun day you two had! Love the pics of the geese, especially the little babies.
Grandmothering is fun!