Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome!We have been in summer this week! The temps have been in the high 70'2 and low 80's and there is no shade because the trees haven't leafed yet. We'll be back in spring mode soon and who knows, we could have a frost up thru the end of May!
I had to show you my Lenten Rose one more time. This is the prettiest it's ever been.

Some of the daffodils are still blooming. This one is huge!

I also have a few tulips open. I planted them in bunches but only a couple flower in each bunch. I do love the color of these.

My small forsythia is in full bloom. I transplanted this 2 years ago so it's just beginning to fill out. In a couple years it should be beautiful.

The forget-me-knots are all over. I just pull them out, after they bloom, where I don't want them.

The blooms on the Brunnera 'Jack Frost' are very similar to forget-me-knots but are a more intense blue. This is a favorite shade plant. The silvery leaves add real interest.

Laurie gave me this violet but this isn't where I planted it. They sprang up everywhere so I dug out a lot in the fall.

Even the lemon thyme is in bloom already.

I forgot I planted this Fritillaria. According to the package I planted 8.

I saw at least one other bud so far. Laurie had these and I just love the checks.

I hope you've enjoyed a spring walk thru my gardens. If you would like us to see your garden just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky below and add a link to this page on your blog. The Bloomin' Tuesday post is up no later than 10 PM on Monday night if mornings are hard for you. Everyone is welcome. Wouldn't it be fun to see gardens from every state? Enjoy the rest of our spring tour!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, your garden is springing up quickly now with the warm temps. I love the Fritilaria's with its' checkered blooms. Jack Frost is a new addition to my garden this spring that I hope looks as full as yours in a season or two. :)

Suzanne said...

Your garden is just lovely, Jean. Your Lenten rose is spectacular. Love the forsythia and forget-me-nots are one of my favorites!

PEA said...

I can't get over all the flowers you have in bloom already, they're all so beautiful! Only my crocuses have bloomed so far, the tulips, daffodils and iris still aren't quite ready yet. We haven't been having the warm temps you've been getting so it's no wonder my flowers are slow in coming up! lol xoxo

Aiyana said...

The Lenten Rose and Fritillaria are so unusual, in color and shape. I think I've seen them here before. You have so many great things to look at. I like to have a few unusual plants in my garden as it seems most desert landscapes have the same 6 plants over and over.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Jean,
I love your Lenten Rose and Fritillaria. That Fritillaria is so different! Your garden is looking mightly pretty this spring!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday...
Love, Ann

Cedar ... said...

Isn't forsythia just so cheerful for early spring? Love that bright yellow!

Teri C said...

Your lenten rose is so gorgeous! As are all your other ones. Spring has definietely arrived by you.

Today I have a mystery bloom that I hope someone can id for me.

Paula said...

WOW- Your flowers are so great! I am sure it is hard to stay inside when this is all over your yard! Thanks for sharing and again thanks for hosting blooming Tuesday!
Paula in Idaho

Darla said...

I hope you do not get anymore frost!! Your blooms are looking great! I planted forget me nots this year for the first time. The are growing fine, no blooms yet.

Teresa said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you for hosting this fun thingy. I love seeing everyone's gardens. I posted my lemon thyme today too! I just love the way it smells. It's my favorite herb.

Happy Tuesday!

Carla said...

What beautiful spring blooms. Most of these don't do well down here (winter not cold enough, summer TOO long and hot), so it is so cool to see them in real gardens. Love the fritillaria:)
Thank you for hosting us.

Connie said...

Jean, your garden is beautiful. I have never seen a frittaleria in bloom. How pretty.

Thanks for the tour!

Martha said...

First time player here. I hope it's ok that I did a combo entry.
Martha :-)

nancy said...

WHat beautiful pics. I love the last one. What is that flower? Just checking your website from Martha. I might join in but not right now. Have a good day..Nancy

Lin said...

You have a beautiful garden, Jean! I came over from Martha's blog. I love your Lenten Rose! I attempted to grow those but they never did too much in my garden. And that checkered flower! Have seen them in the catalogues, but never in person. I'll follow you along! Nice to meet you!