Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Not much bloomin' in my garden yet but there is lots more green than last week. The columbine is growing real fast now.Jerzie and I went for a little walk and we saw these wild violets in a neighbors yard.
The vinca around the tree out front is starting to bloom and there are lots of buds.
I'm very disappointed in my daffodils this year. Lots of green and very few blooms or buds.
This is the only color of primrose that is open so far but several are showing buds.
I planted daffodils in front of my day lilies last spring and there is only one bud. I hope they bloom next year.
I'm not sure what this little flower is but there is only 1 so far.
The hyacinths are just about ready to open.
I hope you all have more going on than I do. It's been sunny but still cold.It is pretty early for spring around here.
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Have fun watching spring unfold!


Grammy said...

Happy bloomin Tue Jean! It's still spring with just a few blooms. I love the photos!

Suzanne said...

You have a lot more going on in your garden than I have in mine, however things are beginning to get green in Colorado! Next week I should have a little to show...

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Great photos. I love the primrose, unfortunately, I have never been successful getting them to grow. I have pink and purple hyacinths, but I missed them blooming this year, I can't believe I didn't smell them. Thanks for sharing.


Aiyana said...

Love those pink primroses--definitely a cheery color.
Hyacinth is one of my favorite scents after Freesia, and Citrus blossoms, and roses...anyway, it's right up there in the top 10!

Teresa said...

Love those primroses. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

joey said...

Lookin' good to me on this cold rainy day!

Elena said...

Thanks for hosting this! I really like all your pictures. It is a lot of fun. I didn't have many blooms on my daffodils this year either. My columbine is growing really fast now too. Can't wait until it blooms. Have a wonderful day! Elena

Cedar ... said...

even green is beautiful, Jean! Nothing in bloom here yet, but I now have green shoots coming up.

Carla said...

How fun to 'tour the yard' with your little one!
You can grow primroses outside? We are too hot to keep them during the summer-they just melt away.
Guess there is something good about colder climates.
Looks like spring is really on its way:)

Sugarplum Cottage said...

You have a bunch of gorgeous blooms. So sorry I'm late posting, hope you don't mind. I also love the photos of your grandchildren. Hugs, Rosemarie

Dirt Princess said...

Hi. Try using pot ash on your daffodils. Works like a charm. It fertlizes the bulbs and you will have much more blooms.

Wanita said...

Your gardens are looking lovely, Jean. Thanks for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday. I love seeing what's growing in others' gardens.