Sunday, February 01, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Sounds like this will be our last Snowy Sunday due to lack of interest. I didn't know that when I picked pictures for this post. I usually look for the beauty in the snow and some of you may still see the beauty in these pics but all I see is a "whole lot of shovelin' goin' on!"

Laurie and I found these cute sparkly snow signs real cheep. I hung mine on the wreath I had on the door for Christmas. Some around here might report me for having a swear word on my house!

I did not add anything to these pictures. It was early morning light,while I was out shoveling, that gives them the blue cast. This is the walk way to the beauty shop. As you can see the snow is as high as the handrail. I now have to throw it all over the rail.

This is the other side. I assume that under all that snow my primroses are making their buds.

This is the path that leads to the stairs.

Where the walks all come together. My front door to the right and the front walk to the left. Way to the right is the sled I have leaning on the house. It's almost buried in the snow.

This is the pile on the end of my driveway. Yes, that is a yardstick, not a ruler! And yes, I have shoveled all that snow! I do have a small snow blower that I use when it's real deep and heavy or when the plow goes through and plows in the end of the driveway. I can't use it on the walkway to the shop so I usually just keep shoveling. I don't use it when I get home from work and the plow has gone thru either because it's too late at night to make all that noise. When I do shovel I have to carry the snow to a different area because the piles are so high. It's a good thing we had a good thaw half way thru and got rid of most of that snow. I'm really not doing this post to complain but to show you just how much snow we have here in western NY this year. Our side streets are all very narrow because there is no place to put all the snow. They remove the snow on some of the main streets and throw it into the river.

YEA!! I shoveled 4 to 6 inches yesterday morning and it didn't snow much yesterday so I don't have to shovel today!!! Makes up for the days I have to shovel 3 times. We are in the 30's today some we might have a small melt down.

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Heather said...

wow, that's a lot of snow!

Laurie and Chris said...

Holy Cow! You can really tell how much snow we have by your pictures Mom. Love the picture with the yard stick in it.

Cedar ... said...

Jean, I was talking with a high school friend a few days ago and we both agreed that this is an "old fashioned" winter,.. lots of snow. I have half of my deck to shovel yet. Since the big storm here on Wednesday i only have been doing a few feet at a time. I get tired a lot quicker than i did when i was younger!

Unknown said...

I so love your snow photos!!

OldBagNewTricks said...

What ever happened to the days when enterprising teenaged boys came around offering to shovel snow for $2... or $20. Fair's fair. I'm pretty sure I can't bare another snow week. I'll be the woman running down the street barefoot pulling her hair out.


Connie said...

What we have here, is way to many shovels full of reasons to head south when my hubby retires!!

It's beautiful to look - in someone else's yours, for example!

You should have good, strong muscles in your arms by now!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Jean,
I think most people aren't thinking snow is so pretty any more after having shoveled so much of it this year.

Just today the radio said we have had 7 feet, 6 inches so far this year.

Personally, I have been enjoying it. Probably because I have not done any shoveling.

I bet you have some pretty good arm muscles!