Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More birds!!!

Well, my obsession with birds is still going on! I had to go to a new orthopedic doctor today because since I fell in May and supposedly broke a little chip off my elbow, I can't straighten my arm. Come to find out, I fractured my elbow in 2 places but there is nothing that can be done except some stretching exercises because there is too big a chance of making it worse with surgery. I'd probably be better now if the doctor here had told me what to do.
Anyway, the Dr is near a TJMaxx so, of course I had to stop.
The large bird is to hold a key in the bottom but it was only 5 dollars and it just flew right into my cart.
I got this wonderful cement, chippy birdbath for $10. I love that it looks so old and worn. I couldn't resist.
There is a new Peebles store right next door and I got this sign for 40% off.
I love the little bird sitting on top and the saying is perfect for my home.
Scoring these great items made going to the doctor well worth the trip!


Susie said...

Hi Jean,
That elbow injury must have been painful. Glad you don't have to have surgery at this point!
Love all your finds, but the sign and the birdbath are my very favorites!

Cedar ... said...

I like the saying about home being the perfect nest. That's how I feel about my home, whether it's my house or my camper. Love my small and cozy nests.

OldBagNewTricks said...

OMG -- having an out of commission arm is a hardship for a busy Gardening Grandmother -- sheesh, there's no time for that. I am hoping you get better double-quick.

Love the birds... isn't T.J. Maxx the best?

If you have a minute can you come to my blog to follow a link to vote for Talia -- she wants to be a "SpokesDog" for the Bissell Sweeper Company.

Feel better,

playsdolls said...

Love your new birds,wish there was a TJ Maxs around here,I would love to bring some of those little feathered friends home with me.

vintage girl at heart said...

I fell on mine this past summer and it hurt forever, then I fell again while painting and it "fixed" it!! Glad that you are doing better!
You Maxx finds are all so wonderful...I just love that store and birds of course!!!
No baby yet I assume...

Unknown said...

So sorry about your elbow. I have pinched nerves on both sides of my neck and something way out of whack with my right elbow. Go to the Dr. in March for the elbow and then will schedule the surgery for my neck. My arms are hard to wake up and they hurt constantly. I adore your new finds and that sign is perfect. I need your address once more, promise to write it down where I can find it this time. I emailed you yesterday!!

Unknown said...

Heck, I just realized since your computer problems you may have a new email address. The email I sent was returned!!

Unknown said...

That's not true, when I post a comment on this post I get a delivery failure notice in my email saying that you cannot receive comments although I see them posted????

Deb said...

I am drawn to anything with birds too - love your Nest sign :-)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh Goodness, Jean! So sorry about your elbow. Ouch! That must have been some fall.

I sure hope it doesn't keep you from your shop or your gardens.....

Love the birds :-) Rosie