Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm sure some of you were wondering last week why Jerzie and I had such a mess when we only made 2 hearts for Valentines Day. We made more than that but it was a surprise! We made a card for Mommy, one for Daddy and one for Aunt Laurie and Uncle Chris. I stuck them in the mail and luckily they got them on Saturday, just like I planned. They were all surprised.All I did was fold the card stock, write on them and cut out a few hearts. Jerzie did everything else herself. I found darling stickers with monkeys and hearts that were perfect. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

It was so much fun to surprise everyone and I made sure that all the loose hearts were sent with the cards to really 'share the love'!


Suzanne said...

You are so lucky to have Jerzie close by so you can have these fun activities AND she is so lucky to have you close by and such an big part of her life!

Susie said...

She did a great job on the Valentine's :)
Love the monkey idea!

Laurie and Chris said...

Very cute. We really enjoyed the one we got on Saturday. Thanks Jerzie and Grandma.

Diana LaMarre said...

Oh, what sweet cards! Love the idea of sharing the love with all those little hearts. :)