Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Hobby!

The girls at work were talking about a new way to knit that they were enjoying. They were making hats with a loom. When Laurie and I were in Erie I used a 50% off coupon to get a set.My set has 4 different sizes. The tiny blue one makes infant hats. The red, youth hats. It is really fun, mindless work. I made this infant hat that night. It only takes a couple hours. Just loop the yarn and lift the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg. I'm having a great time!
Jerzie wanted one too so I made her one while she was napping and watching a movie she brought over. She loved it and I had to make her take it off to eat lunch!
I'm working on another infant hat so I got 3 hats from one skein of yarn. There are directions on line for other items, scarves, purses, shawls, etc. I'm anxious to try making some different items. I got a Joann's gift card for Christmas and I'll be using it to buy more yarn.
Have you tried this? Do you have any patterns? This is so easy anyone can do it and it's very rewarding.

Update: Still no word on where I'll be working. I go in from 3 to 9 tonight but the store closes ar 6. Certainly should find out tonight!


playsdolls said...

I have the same set you have and I also have a rectangle one.I got them on sale for just a couple of dallars,but I have not as of yet tried making anything with them.I love the hat you made Jerzie.

Connie said...

Oh, no!! Something new to try?? My husband would shoot me. But it looks like fun. Let us know what other things you end up making.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Excellent! It is wonderful to have a mindless project to work on in the winter. And what a gorgeous model to don them.

Unknown said...

I think I am going to try and find some of those. Jerzie's hat is adorable!!

Cedar ... said...

What a sweet hat on a sweet little girl!

Wendy said...

How cute! This reminds me of the corking I used to do as a child. Remember the wooden spool like thing with 4 nails on top? You had to wind the wool around the nails and pull it over each one. Eventually you had a long tail of wool.
This really looks like fun.
Love your model. LOL.

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
I know I haven't been by in ages. Love the hat and Jerzie makes such a cute model. So sorry to read about the job situation. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Anne Fannie said...

That looks so easy to make! I really love the colors in the yard you picked out. I am going to try this!