Thursday, January 15, 2009

O my, a meme!

I've been tagged by Laurie and Chris. Here are the "rules" for this fun meme:
Open a document or photo folder and choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder. Next, post the photo with a description about it and then tag 5 friends to do the same.
I was hoping for a beautiful sunny garden picture to brighten my day but this is the picture that fit the description!Just what I needed to see...more snow! We have had about 130 inches of snow so far this winter and there is a snow advisory for up to 2 more FEET in the next couple days. We only had 138 inches all winter last year. This picture was taken of my house ready for Christmas at least 3 years ago. There is a nativity that I painted on the far right. It is actually a cut out piece of plywood that I screwed to the house. That is in the spot that I now have my 'window box' so I no longer have a place for the nativity.
I'm going to tag:
I may be gone for a few days so I can't come and check up on you guys. My internet server went out of business and I haven't been hooked up to the new server yet. Not quite sure how I can survive the very cold (single digits), snowy weekend without internet but I may have to find a good book to read.
Stay warm and safe!


Darla said...

Okie dokie, will post when I return from picking the girls up from school.

playsdolls said...

Thanyou Jean I received this tagg twice,

Please stop by my blog I have left you and award.

Beemoosie said...

Yes, I've been hearing about the time we break out of these single digit temps, we will be hit with a "significant" snow fall!!!


PEA said...

Hasn't this Winter been quite a doozie so far? Between record snowfalls and frigid temps, I'm ready for Spring! lol That is such a beautiful picture of your house, I love it! Hope you have your internet back up soon!!! xoxo

Rosemary said...

Beautiful home!
Too much snow!
Too Cold!

Suzanne said...

This is such an inviting photo. Love it! Hope you stayed warm. I finally got around to posting my photo. ;o)