Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Icy Images

Our schools are closed today because of ice. I had to go out and salt in case any customers decided to try to make it so of course I took the camera. Can you guess what any of these icy images are?1.
Leave a comment and let me know how many you guessed right!
1. See the red lines in this pic? That's the back window of my PT Cruiser.
2. This one is real difficult. It is a galvanized bucket on it's side in my garden. You can also see the ground behind it.
3. This is the wooden railing on the steps leading to my beauty shop at the back of the house.
4. The roof of my shed with moss growing between the spaces in the shingles.
5. A stone walkway. The green you can see is creeping thyme growing between the rocks.
6. This is a crevice in a rock in my garden.
7. As some of you know I live on a brick street. I took this pic at 10:15 this am. It is starting to break a little because it is raining and warming up. I'm sure you could have ice skated on it earlier.
8. A close up of the bricks.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Worse than what we have but very similar! I'd rather have 6 inches of snow!

Cedar ... said...

We are just enough farther north that it was snow here. But so far not the amount that was forecast,... is there more coming? Be very careful on that ice Jean!

Suzanne said...

Wow. We don't get ice storms in Colorado. Sometimes we get a little black ice on the roads, but NOTHING like that. Man alive... that looks dangerous. Take care and hibernate for a few days until all that ice is history!

Darla said...

Now you know I have never seen anything like that! Way, way cool. My son said Jerzie is so cute and that her name is so "tight".. I think that's good in his language, LOL!