Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookie Fun!

Jerzie spent the night on Saturday and her Mommy and Daddy came over on Sunday to make cookies. Jerzie and I started making Peppakoker before they got here. She had a great time rolling out the dough and using the cookie cutters.
I put hers on a separate cookie sheet and she ate one and took the rest home.
She still doesn't like getting her hands dirty or sticky. We'll have to do something about that!
Jerzie and Daddy after making 6 kinds of cookies!
Today she helped me make Chex Mix and white trash. She loved pouring everything in the dish but I did catch her stealing cheerios and pretzels! We're having fun today but let's just say I know she is 2 today! I had an apple for lunch and I shared it with her but she didn't like it with the "crust" on it.
We have very cold temps and lots of snow today so it's a great day to have the oven on. All the schools in the area are closed because of the wind and snow. I also have a pot of vegetable soup cooking on the stove.


playsdolls said...

Looks like you and Jerzie had lots of fun baking.Vegie soup sounds so good,it is pretty cold here today too.

Heather said...

oh boy can i come over to make cookies too?! lol. looks like they had a good time!

Darla said...

First, I fell in love with your new header, thank you so much for sharing that photo. Second, how much fun to bake cookies with such a sweet looking little girl. Third, Happy Birthday Jerzie, mine is the 28th, I will be 2 many times over. Fourth, love the photo of Jerzie and her Dad!!

Cedar ... said...

What a lovely home you have, I like that photo. Of course Jerzie steals my heart! the one of her with the spatula! Precious!