Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Randomness

Cedar tagged me to write 7 wierd or random things about me. I've done this a few times beforeso decided to stick to winter or Christmas things.

1.Every year, until Jerzie was born and we can't all fit in one car, the kids and I went out looking at Christmas lights. We ate candy canes and listened to the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas tape. We also stopped at MC D. for an eggnog shake. One year the first Mc D's didn't have any. We were in the drive thru and all the kids started whining. I'm sure when we got to the window the person was surprised to see a car full of adults! When we got to another one they all cheered when they said they had them. Again they were surprised to see a car of 'adults'!

2.One year, after I got our real tree up, my daughter bragged to the neighbor girl that her Mom could do anything and we didn't need a Dad around. During dinner the completely decorated tree fell over!

3.My brother and his wife watched the kids all day Saturdays for me while I worked. Since it was always dark when I got home they took the kids with them to cut down our tree. They did a pretty good job of picking one out but I'm sure they had a little help from John and Cindy.

4.I enjoy buying unique stocking stuffers and buy them all year. You get no toothpaste or deodarant from me. Everyone gets about 15 and I wrap every one.

5.One Christmas when the kids were young and the cost of metal was up,I sold some silverware to buy my kids presents. I had 90 dollars that year for presents.

6.In the past, I got several gifts for the kids at garage sales. Both of these experiences were good for my kids. I always let them know that money was tight and we only got what we could afford. I believe that made us closer as a family. You don't need money or things to be happy.

I'm not going to tag anyone as I know you are all busy but I would love to hear random facts about your Christmas traditions. Leave me a comment if you do it.


Cedar ... said...

Hi Jean,.. those are great Christmas stories! And your Seasons Greetings on the side that is glittering is lovely! About years when money is tight, well, this year is one of those years. We've all agreed that it's a much
"reduced" spending year. And it will be better than ever! p.s. I just took my snowy sunday pics!

Zoey said...

I really enjoyed your Christmas storeis, especially the eggnog milkshake (or lack thereof) and the viewing of the lights. I can just hear the big kids whining... LOL.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun and made some pretty memorable Christmases. I bet Jerzie would love to go see the lights. Maybe it's a tradition you should revive....

Darla said...

those are just great and thank you for sharing them!