Monday, November 17, 2008

Snow Day!

Jerzie isn't feeling great today and is enjoying laying around in her jammies and doing something she never does at Gramma's, watching TV. These pictures are from the little bit of snow we had last week. Today we have about 8 inches and it's still coming down.It took quite a bit for me to get her to touch the snow with her mittens on but she finally got into it.
She'd pick up a handful, look at it,
open her hands and let it drop.
We also got ready for Christmas by making a shirt from an iron on I've had for years.
I hope you are warm and dry where ever you are today!


Darla said...

So cute! I like to fiddle with making shirts too. I will post the bookworm a little later tonight when my husband takes the girls to their basketball game. Have been shoveling dirt today!

Grammy said...

oh no you have snow. bur. Love your pictures.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Hope Jerzie feels better soon :-(

We have flurries in the forecast but nothing like 8 inches!!!

PEA said...

It's only 21F here right now so I'm glad I'm inside where it's warm! Jerzie looks so adorable playing with the snow...she still doesn't seem too sure about it! lol Steve was telling me about all the snow they got his way as well, it was probably the same snowstorm you guys got. We've had a few sprinkles here but nothing that has stayed on the ground long. I'm sure it's going to get here soon enough. xoxo

Suzanne said...

I hope Jerzie is feeling better. That girl is adorable and you are so lucky to live near her!

Margaret Cloud said...

Hope Jerzie feels better, I like the photo of her looking right at the camera with the handful of snow, she is so cute.