Monday, October 20, 2008


Jerzie and I had a very interesting day today.
Since I live so close to the hospital we have helicopters flying over now and then. Jerzie gets scared every time. We had just gone out to work in the yard and one flew over. I had decided Jerzie had to see what it was and maybe she wouldn't be so scared. We took off walking so she could see where it landed. The pilot was sitting outside on the helicopter and he asked if she wanted to sit inside! No way! He tried to get her to sit with him so I could take a picture but again no way!
Finally he said he would take a picture of us. I had to carry her the whole time but she really liked it. We'll see what she does next time one flies over.
We walked back home and started taking things out of the garden. Jerzie used her wheelbarrow I found at a sale for $1.25.It is a beautiful day and we got a lot done. We both love being outside. There is snow in our forecast for this week!


Darla said...

Bless her heart. Those big birds are scarry, she is such an adorable child. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Wendy said...

Snow - yikes! Not so soon, I hope! What a little sweetheart you have there. Nice to be able to "work" together in the yard. Our children and grandkids are so precious, aren't they?

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Jean, that is such a great idea to take her to see the Helicopter so she wouldn't be afraid.
She is adorable.
See ya tomorrow for Blooming Tuesday. I noticed the list is getting shorter and shorter as winter approaches! Yikes snow in your forecast?? My husband and I went up to check on our cabin in the mountains this past weekend and it snowed there one night last week and all my flowers are like black lettuce left in a to cold refrigerator. LOL
Love, Ann