Thursday, October 16, 2008

Caption Winner!

I e-mailed both Mommy and Daddy at work and both gave me the same answer. Their favorite caption for this picture is....
"Do they really think I don't understand the physics of soap bubbles?"
by Rosie.
Congratulations, Rosie!
I'll be sending out your prize.Aunt Laurie brought one of Jerzie's favorite things camping, the giant bubble blower!
She especially likes not having to blow! Chasing and smashing bubbles.
Wow, Daddy!
Where did they go?


Darla said...

That caption does fit that expression on her face! We have the battery operated bubble blowers with the scented bubbles in the nursery at church, wonderful invention, it will hush a fussy baby in a New York minute and makes the nursery smell so good.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Yippee! I am honored to have the winning caption for Jerzie :-)

She is such a cutie pie. Wouldn't it be cool if Jerzie and Lola grew up and went to the same college. Oh goodness, I don't went them growing up that fast!!

((hugs)) Rosie