Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy morning!

Jerzie brought a new bed with her today! This is an air mattress with a fitted sheet that goes over it. A sleeping bag zips onto the sheet. Mommy and Daddy got it for our camping trip next weekend but it will also be great when she's here. We moved the pack n' play out of her little area and put in her new bed. I got the swiffer out to clean the floor and Jerzie wanted to clean.
After her room she moved into the living room. I don't think this is the first time she's done this! Who wouldn't want to clean in this darling apron/pinafore from Baby Vagabond. This was a special gift from Rosie to Jerzie! It's reversible and made from a wonderful soft flannel. The pattern is perfect for her! Once she got it on she wouldn't even take it off for her nap.
Thank you, Rosie!
This may work out very well. I just lost my cleaning lady after 20+ years and didn't want to hire another one. I actually hired my last one because she is a friend and she needed the money. The last few years we've traded cleaning for getting her hair done.
This new cleaning person will probably work for fishy crackers, reading books and blowing bubbles!
All done. It looks great!
She took a quick rest while I got her a snack.
Bread sticks and cheese and milk with an ice cube. We were talking about her snack and she said Daddy liked it too. I asked if Daddy ate hers and this is what she said about Daddy...


If you can't quite understand her, she called Daddy a "stinkpot". I wonder where she's heard that before!

There was no coaching done for this post. I just sat in the living room and snapped pictures as Jerzie worked. She just loves to clean. Let's hope she still feels that way when she's a teen!


Darla said...

No disrespect to your former cleaning lady, I just can't help but think this new one has to be more precious!

The Smiths said...

She loves to clean...almost too much if you can imagine, its hard to get anything done with her around because she wants to do it all, lol

Rosie's Whimsy said...

She is so cute cleaning with Grandma! I'm so glad she liked her little pinafore. Can't wait to send your link to Lola's Mom ... to see the dress .... and to show her the proper training of Lola! HA!

:-) Rosie

Wendy said...

What a little sweetheart! Love her "pinny". Stinkpot? I haven't heard that expression since my mother was alive. LOL! It brought back memories.

PEA said...

I'd hire her in a second!! hehe She is just adorable in her pinafore apron and she really does look like she knows what she's doing...even cleaning UNDER the furniture!! lol Absolutely adorable. xoxo

Rosemary said...

what a cutie, great apron, will be interesting to see her bedroom when she is a teenager LOL

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love that little pinafore. I've seen them on Baby Vagabond and thought they were darling, but they are even cuter on. Jerzie is really growing -- She is just adorable. (and loads of help to boot!)

Baby Vagabond said...

Hi again Jean,

Lola's Mom posted Jerzie's picture on BV today and she is also on the slide show now of Baby Vagabond models. Thanks for letting me use her adorable pictures!

((hugs)) Rosie

Mrs. Staggs said...

Jerzie is so sweet! She would be the perfect friend for my nephew. He's 3, and he loves to clean too!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.