Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Friends!

I have met so many new friends through Bloomin' Tuesday and hope to meet many more. On average there are 50 visitors on Tuesdays and only a few comments. Next time you're on our weekly garden tour stop in a say Hello! One of my new friends is Darla from Family and Flowers. She was kind enough to give me another "I Love Your Blog" award. Check out this post to see the 7 blogs I've picked and add Darla to that list! Thanks, Darla, for the award and for joining us on Bloomin' Tuesdays!


Darla said...

You are quite welcome....Hope you are having as much fun as I am. Can't wait until Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday Jean, I enjoy it very much.

Suzanne said...

Love Bloomin' Tuesday -- thanks so much, Jean, for hosting it. It's true I've met some wonderful people through Bloomin' Tuesday!