Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just stuff!

This is the September page from my calender my daughter makes me every year.
This picture is from a garden tour we went on last year. I love the leaves on the paper background. I had the kids over on Sunday for a Labor Day picnic. Laurie and Chris brought some "sinful pie" and Kim and Tabatha brought some cheese and crackers and veggies with dip. I made some favorites, barbecue country ribs, cheesy potatoes and zucchini casserole. Sweet dill pickles are also expected at every meal, especially in summer.
We had a nice relaxing afternoon together before I had to go to work. Chris and Laurie were there too, of course, but it seems I only take pictures involving Jerzie! Guess I'd better work on that.


The Smiths said...

That is a wonderful picture of me with my mouth hanging wide open ha ha ha. I said the same thing at work about having to buy a power wheels for Jerzie next year...we think alike, he he.

Suzanne said...

Wow -- what a great spread. Yum! I've never had the zucchini casserole and it looks scrumptious! Aren't holidays the best!?!

PEA said...

Yummmm that food looks so good! I'm so glad you were able to have your family over for a Labour Day picnic:-) xoxo