Monday, September 29, 2008

Babies and more babies!

Today I'm forced into using "file photos".
Jerzie and I have had a busy and exciting day so far.! First we went with Mommy and Daddy to get a look at our baby to be!
We saw hands with tiny fingers and we saw feet with tiny toes.
We saw wiggling arms and legs and saw and heard the babies heartbeat (over and over because Jerzie kept saying again!). What we didn't see is whether it is a boy or a girl! My cousin, that Tabatha requested to do the sonogram. absolutely refused to commit! She told us to come back in a month.
Jerzie told me when we got home that she wanted a sister, a girl, no boy! The rest of us don't really care as long as all is well.

After that Jerzie and I went to the vegetable stand and saw lots of baby rabbits. There were gray ones and black ones but we couldn't even count them because they kept moving around. Jerzie even got to pet one!
I have chili on the stove and Mommy and Daddy are coming for supper. Gramma is going to rest while Jerzie takes a nap.

To see the sonogram picture and find out what decision Kim and Tabatha made about the baby go over to The Smith Family.

All and all it's been a great day!


Darla said...

Doesn't sound like the day could get much better.

Baby Vagabond said...

That was a perfect! And....lots os surprises to come!

:-) Rosie

PEA said...

Isn't it amazing to be able to see the baby while still inside mommy:-) When I went with Shawn & Wendy for their 3D scan, I was absolutely amazed at how far technology has come. To even be able to see the brain, spine, liver, kidneys, etc...unbelievable!! I wish I could have seen Jerzie's face when she was watching the baby on the monitor:-) xoxo

Zoey said...

Congratulations, Jean. What an exciting day. The next time you go will be even better because you will probably see if it's a boy or girl.