Thursday, July 10, 2008

Following the crowd.

I decided after seeing all the beautiful hydrangea in blogland that I "needed" some more bushes. I only have one now and never realized there were so many different kinds.The end of my patio at the bottom of the side hill seemed to be the best place. This area was a pain to mow and is somewhat shady. The sod stripped off very easy because we had so much rain.
I love the colors of this bloom I found at Walmart for only $13.! This is the only type they had or I would of bought more.The tag just said hardy hydrangea but when I planted it I found a stake that said "emotion" so I'm guessing that's the name of this one.

Lowe's had some bushes real reasonable so I bought this Endless Summer Blushing Bride. It's supposed to bloom all summer. I love the purples and pinks in the centers.

I think I can fit one more in this area so I'll just wait until I see something I like or a really great deal. What is your favorite type hydrangea?


Lilli in Vancouver said...

I love all hydrangeas, but esp the 'Lacecap' ones. Oh, and I love it how some hydrangeas go from blue to purple or purple to pink because of the acid/alkaline content of the soil . Out here in Vancouver all the hydrangeas are blue, which I assume means that our soil is acidic. Where I use to live near Detroit, the hydrangeas were all pink or white :)

Anonymous said...

Your new hydrangea bed is looking good Jean. I love hydrangeas, they are my favorite plant at the moment. I have 4 types, Nikko Blue which is mophead, Limelight, a lacecap that I lost the name for, and Forever & Always. My special favorite at the moment is Limelight. It's pretty special in my books! :)

Suzanne said...

Hydrangea are a favorite of mine and I don't have a one in my yard! Guess I'll just have to enjoy everyone else's in blogland. The colors on your are dreamy!

Susie said...

Hi Jean,
I only have two hydrangeas: One is bright pink and the other is a star type. Too hard to choose just one favorite as they're all so pretty.
Love yours...

Sugarplum Cottage said...

I love the pink lacecap, you can't go wrong with any kind of hydrangea. So sorry I didn't participate this week in BT, it has been crazy at my house. I noticed you had a lot to sign up, YaHoo. Hugs, RoseMarie