Monday, July 28, 2008

Chasing Rainbows

Because of these hanging in my windows, in the morning I have little rainbows around the dining room. Jerzie just discovered them this morning.

She loved the one on the wall and wondered how it went away and then came back when she moved.

How did it get on my hand?
It sure doesn't take much to entertain a curious 2 year old!

Jerzie would like me to share two of her favorite things to do on the computer. I'm sure you all know by now that she loves doggies. If you go here you can help feed hungry doggies some Kibble.
This site is really fun! Just write a command and a real dog will follow it. We could do this for hours!


Donna said...

Oh, she's so sweet! I remember my girls doing that.

I'll have to go check out the link for the doggies.

Have a great day!

Sweetie said...

Such a beautiful little girl. My grandson will love the doggie site.

Tag your it!.... it's a tag to tell 6 things about yourself. If you are interested, come by Sweetie’s World. I hope that I’m not offending you by tagging you. I am new to blogging and am completely amazed by the talent and skill of some many wonderful contributors.

Unknown said...

That post is delightful. She is adorable! Thanks for the link....I have one 5 year old that loves the computer and one 10 month old that will be starting before we know it!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Jerzie is adorable! What a delight grandchildren are. I hope to be one eventually. My one daughter that is married is not in any hurry and I am trying not to be either! :)

Thank you again for praying for my eldest daughter. She home safe and sound but then left again. :) I wrote about her Hurricane Dolly account today.

Anonymous said...

I remember my boys being fascinated by those simple things that we as adults take for granted. How sweet!