Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check it out!

I think these "Funky Chickens" are just too cute! What a whimsical addition to a garden. Check them out!
Video of the 50 states ~this is awesome! When you click on, the outline of the United States will appear and frame all of the pictures slowly, in a slide type presentation. Under each picture it tells you where it is. Put your speakers on in a low tone, to go along with the mood that is created. This is better than good, it's spectacular, check it out! Jerzie came over with Mommy and Daddy to tell me about her trip to the zoo the other day. I don't think that's the only reason they came over. Check it out!
If you can't read her shirt, click to enlarge!
I'm a very happy Grandma!


Suzanne said...

What a fun way to announce her brother/sister-to-be! Congratulations!

Also, those funky chickens are adorable. I need to go peruse that sight and pick me out a little something! Thanks for the heads-up!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the video link....and CONGRATULATIONS, Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!
w00t, w00t, w00t!

Susie said...

Thanks for the cute links! Love those chickens :)
Congratulations to Grandma and "big sister to be"

Simply Heart And Home said...

Very sweet! Those chickens are something else!

Jerzie is getting so big. And congratulations on the new addition-to-be of the family! That is wonderful.

JunieRose2005 said...


She's a little 'Big sis to be!' Congrats to you all! :)

What happy news for you!


The Smiths said...

Thanks for being excited with us, (we knew you would be) and thanks a head of time for all you will do for us and all you have done for us :)