Monday, June 16, 2008


I got Jerzie a couple new outfits last week. She tried them on Thurs night but wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken. These bright colors sure fit her personality!
I found this chalkboard at a garage sale and let her use it for the first time today.
She loves to cover every inch of the board. See how she's working on this corner.
She's showing me the chalk on her hands. Click to enlarge and see the colors on her face.
Check out the video to find out what she in drawing.

As I've mentioned before, she calls flowers her version of "butterflies". No matter what we say she still calls flowers "faflie"!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Cute little girl clothes! I wonder what I'll be buying next month ..... girl or boy?!

Sweet! :-) Rosie

About Nancy said...

What a cute little girl! Her hair is braided to nicely too.
Thanks for sharing,

Laurie and Chris said...

She just cracks me up! She comes up with something new every time I see her.

The Smiths said...

The braids are the best!!! I just love them with her face! She is just too darn cute!